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Apr 2, 2014
Mar 18, 2014

Daily Cycle

My daily cycle: Wake up-> Read -> Game -> Read -> Anime -> Read -> Game -> Sleep

Too bad school has ruined it.

Mar 9, 2014

Life Full of Doubts

Why am I writing this?is it to clear my thoughts?
don’t I have anything to do? or there is but I am too lazy to do it?
what makes me lazy? is it because I don’t like it?
does it benefit me? now? or in the future?
do I really like things I always say I like? maybe not.
if my family couldn’t provide me the daily spending, maybe I would be more productive?
or I might be even better if they can do it?
do I need more motivations from people to make things happen?
or I need to build courage on my own to do so?
I really should need to be alone and focus on only one thing at a time.
I have to complete it before moving on to another one.
why alone? because even hearing a bit of talking, my mind will not be able to concentrate.
maybe that is why I am all alone most of the time.
and that might have been affected my social life? 
is it talking to people really that hard? strangers? friends that are not so close?
why my mind thinks that going up to people and talk to them is difficult to do?
still, I like to be alone, but I also like to be with people as well.
collaboration? unless they have very very same interests as me.
why does this sound so confusing?
maybe I am too young to find the answers now.
I might get the answers as the time passes.
or maybe somebody can answer this? not likely.
then do I have to wait and be useless as usual?
however, I do have courage to write this just right after thinking about doing it.
should I be proud about it?
I think I’m wasting time writing this and not do other important things.
assignments?homework? waiting for deadline to actually do it.
bad habit, really bad.
success = potential + effort - laziness. I think. 
let’s get out of here. I’m done here.

2014, March 9, 1:57AM
Jarl sp, The True High King of The Internet